Visit to the Cathedral of Malaga

In this guided tour of the Cathedral of Malaga, we tell you the ins and outs of one of Europe’s tallest cathedrals (and other landmarks).

Come and discover the monumental La Manquita on a tour of its history and architecture, from its face to its heart.

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About your Visit to the Cathedral:

  • The tickets to the monuments are included.
  • We adapt the duration of your private visit to Málaga according to your preferences.
  • Look for the yellow umbrella to meet your guide 😉.
  •  Email with your booking and all the information you need about how to get there, our contact details, name of the guide, etc.
  •  Guided walking tour of the exterior and interior of the Cathedral of Málaga.
  •  Tickets to the monument.
  •  Official guide in the language of your choice: Spanish, English, French, German…
  •  Recommendations for enjoying Málaga.
  •  Transport.
  •  Food and beverages.
  • This is not a marathon, but we are definitely going for a good walk, so we recommend you to bring comfortable footwear.
  • In the summer, the temperature in Málaga is high, so it’s a good idea to bring fresh water and sun cream. A hat and a fan will also come in handy.
  • We are in Andalusia, but when it comes to punctuality, we go British. Out of respect for other participants, we ask you to arrive at the meeting point approximately 10 minutes early.
  • Please note that it is not possible to visit the Cathedral while Holy Mass is being celebrated.

Visiting the Cathedral of Malaga (or La Encarnación, whatever you want to call it), is a must for anyone who visits us, since it is a symbol of our city.

Most especially for the unique shape it draws in the Málaga sky, which shows why it is known as La Manquita (the one-handed girl).

The fact is that for a variety of reasons (or, ultimately, because of money) one of its towers was left unbuilt at the time… and it has remained that way ever since.

At least for the time being.

This Cathedral was commissioned back in 1525, but it wasn’t until a little over 200 years later that its construction was finished (well, finished, mind you).

The original project envisaged a Gothic-style cathedral, but given the extent of the works, Renaissance and Baroque elements were incorporated over time.

It is the second cathedral with the highest vaults in Spain and one of the 15 tallest churches in Europe.
No big deal!

We don’t want to reveal too much, but we assure you that a visit to the interior of the Cathedral of Málaga with Free Tour Andalucía will take your breath away.

Catedral de Málaga

Discover and visit the Cathedral of Malaga

With an official local guide

They will tell you about the Cathedral of Málaga in a rigorous and entertaining way.

A tailored visit

We design the visit according to your personal preferences and tastes.

Tickets included

We take care of everything so that all you have to think about is enjoying yourself.

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In case you have any questions about visiting the Cathedral of Málaga…

Where do I meet the guide?

Your choice!
Tell us where you are staying and we will arrange a place where it is easy for you to meet your guide.

Is admission to the Cathedral of Málaga included in the visit?

Yes, we include the ticket to the monument.

Will I be sharing a guide with other travellers?

No, this is a private tour and you will have an exclusive guide at your disposal.

Can I take my pet on this visit to the Cathedral of Málaga?

Your furry friend cannot come with you on this visit, because animals are not allowed inside the monument.

If there are no more doubts, then take action.

Book your visit to the Cathedral of Málaga

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